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I started paper crafting after the birth of my son in 2001.  I had just picked up a Scrapbooking Memories magazine and oh my gosh - I was hooked! after the birth of my daughter in 2003, I was less productive but once they were both at school I found time for myself again. With this, my craft box grew to a small desk in my bedroom. I went away one weekend to Papercraft - a huge craft show in Brisbane and I came home to a renovated laundry...with a nice big desk and shelves, storage and everything - I was so excited!!! I’d now discovered online shopping and met some fabulous ladies online and soon we had a little group of crafter’s and I was asked to be part of a Design Team, then to teach Card Making (I’d never made a card before, eeeeeek!) Very soon after I was working with a few suppliers and heading to Craft Shows - I was in my element :)

Browsing my local markets with my daughter we noticed a beautifully set up stall that I knew I had to investigate further.

That beautiful setup was created by Louise Sharp. I knew that one day I’d probably join Stampin' Up! because I’d been to a few workshops and seen the product at trade shows that I ’d been to, so I already knew the product - can you remember walking into the craft shop, choosing paper, matching it to cardstock then getting home only to discover that it didn’t match as well as you thought - yes? me too, I’d taught classes with it because I didn’t know any different... That never happens with Stampin’ Up! products - because... everything coordinates!

I joined a week later, on the 26th of August 2013 for the discount - famous last words right? and, I was so in love with everything that I told everyone I knew about Stampin’ Up! (even my friends that don't craft)

Fast forward to now and I belong to an amazing, loving, massively talented group of paper crafters called Tickled pINK Stampers and I am so proud and grateful for this. I want, no, need to share my love of craft even further, with even more people. Whether that is through classes here at home or a workshop with you and your friends at your home or if you’d like to join my team. I’d love to meet you and share this amazing journey with you.
    Thank you, for clicking to learn more about me.
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